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Solar System for School in South Africa

1. Solar Irradiation in Islamabad

Here is the solar irradiance data from NASA for city Johannesburg, South Africa

Diagram 1: Average Sun Hours and Days in Islamabad

2. Solar system Designation

2.1 Solar system Off Grid.

Advantages of EnrSaver Grid tie solar system:

  • Professional design and direct services from engineer team.
  • Solutions with the optimal cost-efficiency, most efficiency, minimal cost.
  • Well certificated products for every main components as solar panels, inverters.
  • Long warranty for the main components, also the complete system
  • Better ROI, professional ROI design, to provide best Return analysis
  • Huge reduction in Electricity Bills.

2.2 system designation and electricity generation.

2.2.1 Solar system Design

The system is designed based on the solar irradiation data from NASA. The following information is the irradiance research in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Diagram 4: Irradiation in Islamabad

Diagram 4: Monthly Energy output for 1KW PV system (Grid tie)

From this solar irradiation data, we can get the 1KW solar panels can generate around 1840.8KWH electricity yearly in average. It will be around 153.4KWH monthly.

According to the electricity required from the clients, 200KW working 15 hours per day, it will require 3MWH electricity every day.

Then we will need 3MWH/(153.4KWH/30)/0.7=838.15KW solar panels, to generate enough electricity to supply 15 hours electricity.

The battery capacity required is to store enough power for the loads to work when the solar energy is not enough. We suppose the 5.5 hours will power from solar panels directly, the other 9.5 hours will need to power from the battery. Then the battery capacity is calculated as:


Then the system will be design to use 838.15KW solar panels, 250KW inverter and 2.375MWH lithium battery.

2.3 system proposal

3. Main Components specifications

3.1 Solar Panels

We apply 550W Perc Half Cell technology solar panels, with efficiency up to 21.4%. Our solar panels is well certificated with CE and Dekra certification, all from Europe. The parameters is shown as followed

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