Your favorite wholesale gel battery supplier

Guangdong Easy Technology Co Ltd is a reliable gel battery supplier. Our competent workforce and specialist team helps us produce the best quality gel batteries by making efforts. We have helped them make those efforts by installing upgraded production machines and systems in our manufacturing facilities.

Our high-quality gel batteries have successfully met the quality requirements of our customers as our international quality examination team evaluates their quality daily by following the directives of quality examiners from worldwide. As an affordable gel battery exporter, our company sells gel batteries by charging the lowest wholesale rates in the competitive international market. 

Benefits of our gel batteries for your business

We are a reputed gel battery exporter whose gel batteries are long-lasting. Thus, your customers would keep purchasing these energy storage devices from you as they would not need to repair them after a short period. Our deep-cycle gel batteries are available for different cyclical applications like recreational vehicles, remote monitoring, power scooters and vehicles, and solar and wind power. As a reputed wholesale gel battery supplier, we produce our sealed lead acid batteries with various volts. These include twelve volts, six volts, and two volts. Hence, you can bulk purchase these products with whichever volts your customers demand. We produce gel batteries with various storage capacities.

Therefore, you can bulk buy these batteries with whichever storage capacities your customers want. The availability of our sealed lead acid batteries in different storage capacities and volts will help you grow your business by meeting the different demands of your customers. We make lightweight sealed lead acid batteries to enable you to easily deliver these products to your customers without paying high freight costs. Our maintenance-free sealed lead acid batteries will benefit your business as prospective customers will purchase them to avoid incurring battery maintenance expenses. 

Our devotion to satisfy you

As a reputed supplier, we are working to expand the operations of our business by establishing production plants throughout the world. We will reduce the wholesale price of our sealed lead acid batteries through cost minimization and better resource allocation.


Our company will increase our production speed to cut down our lead time to facilitate our customers. We are working to produce user-friendly variants of our sealed lead acid batteries. We have kept our production and delivery teams ready to fulfill our delivery deadlines. Hence, our shipping contractor will deliver our sealed lead-acid batteries on time.