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Micro Inverter


About Micro Inverters

The system consists of an array of micro-inverters that convert the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) and feed it into the public grid. The system is designed to install one micro-inverter for every two PV modules. Each micro-inverter works independently ensuring that each PV module has maximum power generation. This setup enables the user to directly control the efficiency of the individual PV module arrays, increasing the flexibility and availability of the systems dependability.

2-in-1 cell microinverter" with ultra-wide DC input operating voltage range(22-60 V) and low start-up voltage (22 V only).The 2-in-1 Micro inverter WVC-600/WVC-700/WVC-800 is a reliable solution for even-numbered panel photovoltaic systems and provides high CEC weighted efficiency -92.50% in 2015 (peak efficiency 92.70%).


Product Highlights

R The maximum output power can reach 600W/700W/800W.

RPeak efficiency 92.70%. The CEC weighted efficiency is 92.50%.Static MPPT efficiency 99.80%. RThe efficiency of dynamic MPPT on cloudy days is 99.76%Power factor (adjustable) 0.8 Rlead...0.8 lag.

RExternal antenna for stronger communication with WiFi sources

High reliability: NEMA 3R (IP65) enclosure. 6000 V surge protection.


Terminals Introduction





Technical Data

DC Input

AC Output

Efficiency, Safety & Pretection

Mechanical Data




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